Cement Grout Grey


Cement based grout can be used for indoor as well as outdoor projects.

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Description Cement Based GROUT.

A high quality fine, polymer-modified, water – resistant, cement – based powder grout designed for grouting glazed wall tiles & mosaics


•Polymer modified grout

•Good compressive strength

•Available in range of colours

Technical Specification

  • Joint Width             2 – 6 mm
  • Pot Life 30 minutes
  • Curing Time 24 hours
  • Temperature Resistance -30oC to 150oC
  • Mixing Ratio (Water : Grout) 1   :   3
  • Compressive Strength 24 hours min. 4.00 kN                       48 hours min. 8.00 kN

Coverage Estimate

Pack size   :- 100 gms

Coverage   :- Consumption depend on joint width, size of tiles and good workmanship.

1/2 sq ft (approx)

Storage and Shelf Life

CEMENT POLYMER GROUT has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in normal dry conditions.


Surface Preparation 

    • Joints should be free from efflorescence, laitance, dirt and other loose material. Remove thoroughly by fry brushing.
    • Ensure the joints are dry before grouting.

Surface Conditions

    • Fixing the tiles :- It is essential that the tiles used are appropriate for the service conditions and are fixed in correct manner.
    • Application Procedure :- Before commencing grouting the adhesive bed must be set. It is essential that the tiles used are appropriate for the service conditions and are fixed in a solid bed of adhesive i.e insuring that, as far as possible, no voids are left being / beneath the tiles. Protect open joints from contamination and ensure that they are clean, dry and free from loose debris prior to grouting.


    • Mix the Grout with clean water until a limb-free smooth paste of uniform colour is obtained. if an electric drill mixer is used blend on a slow speed. Avoid entraining air by mixing. Do no reconstitute the mixed Grout by adding more water, this will reduce the final strength.


    • Using a grout float or rubber squeegee compact the grout into the joints ensuring that they are completely filled. Work in small areas and remove as much excess grout from the tile surface as possible. Do not exceed the working time of the grout. Use sponge or sponge board, dampened with clean water to clean the tile surface. Allow about 15 minutes for the front to dry a little before cleaning off. Do not keep longer time to clean off, otherwise it can be very difficult to remove dried grout powder from tile surface. Clean diagonally to the joint lines. Finally wash down with clean water with sponge / sponge board to remove any dried grout film from the tile surface. Once the grout has sufficiently set within the joints, polish the tile surface with clean cloth. Alternatively give final wash down with clean water using a dampened sponge.


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