What comes to your mind when you think of Mosaic?

Mostly bathroom flooring or something that goes on kitchen walls, right?

Well, if you think so, you might not be the only one. Many people think of mosaics as a material used for flooring. But over the years, this notion has changed, as mosaic has found its way into the art arena. Finding mosaic art in office entrances or living rooms is not so uncommon today. 

And now that you have landed here searching for buying mosaic online, let us cruise you through our journey of Mosaic Magic. 

The Foundation  

Sai Mosaic Art™ was established in 2007 when mosaic art wasn’t even a thing in India. Tapan Patel, the founder of Sai Mosaic Art started this venture by exporting glass mosaics. During this time there were a lot of learnings regarding the different uses of this product overseas. And with some strategic planning and market research, Sai Mosaic Art started building the foundation for making itself a glass mosaic manufacturing and exporting company in India. 

The experience in this business of exporting glass mosaics to western countries opened avenues for a crucial insight – Mosaics can be used to create Art! 

What helped us set the ground for this has been our creative team that’s always on their feet to explore and experiment for bringing results for ourselves and the artists out there. With the help of enthusiastic and diligent production partners, Sai Mosaic Art was ready to hit the markets in India. 

The Mosaic Art in India was a risky step in those initial years. But sailing in shallow waters is not how a business is run. So, putting up the masts, we explored how glass mosaics of different sizes, shapes, and colors are used in creating various art pieces for interior decorations and grand art installations. 

Bringing Mosaic Art to India

Tapping into the Indian market was not a cakewalk. But Sai Mosaic Art has been gradually growing and the drive to inspire and help budding artists led to the creation of a range of glass mosaic products for exporting. Not just that, Sai Mosaic Art has spread its reach across India by availing products online.  It was not an easy journey, but the support, insights and positive responses from the Mosaic Art Community inspired us to take it where it is today. We aim to go bigger and better in the coming years to provide mosaic artists with everything they need in creating their magic.

Our purpose is to provide glass mosaics of different sizes, shapes, and colors to artists everywhere at a pocket-friendly rate so that their process of creation never stops. We also provide customized DIY kits that include mosaics along with tools to create art installations. Let us take you through our glass mosaic collection.